december calendar 2020Sunday greetings everyone and Happy New Year!

I am happy to report that I did finally catch up on my "throw it in the box for later" box (Grandma Cybersalt now has it for taking things to charity), manage every email I received in 2020, and have a clear desk before the end of the year. I took this picture of my work area on January 1st, all ready to keep on keeping up and catching up on more now that the clutter isn't sucking the motivation out of my mind.

Now that the new year is here I've started doing something I did many years ago: skipping rope. Of course I'm doing so in response to my high cholesterol results.

Wow, am I ever out of shape! Last night I did my jumping just before getting ready for bed, however after only 74 jumps I ended up having to rest before I could do so. Tonight I am getting ready for bed first and then I'll exercise. In England I think this is called skipping after the loo!

Today's video share is a performance of that familiar New Year's tune, "Auld Land Syne." It's sung by a group I have been really enjoying listening to online: The Choral Scholars of University College of Dublin.

Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim