Oh look, Chicken Thursday - and if you like the number 47, welcome to issue #4747!

golden beetleDo you know what I struggle with managing? Bacn! No, that is not a typo for the word "bacon" (which my low-fat diet all but forbids me to eat) - I mean "bacn."

I think we are all familiar with unsolicited emails being referred to as "spam" - the same name for a very mysterious sandwich meat. Well, "bacn" is a term for emails we have requested. For instance, each time my security camera is triggered to record something in my driveway, I get an email alerting me and giving me a link to watch a recording.

Another example of bacn would be the news updates I receive from the online bank through which my business receives payments from my international clients. Why, I dare say, this newsletter is an example of bacn - in that you subscribed to receive it (for which I am grateful.)

When it comes to emails I would like to have a zero inbox. I desire to read and deal with all the emails in my inbox by either deleting them or filing them away for further reference, thus freeing me from the visual and mental clutter of being behind on my emails. But bacn can really make that a challenge, because just like the ongoing tidying process in my shop, "e-decluttering" requires I make emotional decisions to stop receiving some emails I "might" get around to someday. Sometimes I just give in and select all of a certain kind of email and delete them en masse, but, of course, that's just a different kind of clutter and waste of time.

How is your bacn situation? Do you have any emails that you keep getting that you could unsubscribe from to help declutter your inbox and mind? But not the Cybersalt Digest, right? I hope talking about this topic doesn't generate too many unsubscribe notices in my inbox today -  that's some of the worst bacn I get, lol!

Today's video share is "10 Beautiful Beetles That Look Like Jewelry." I'm still not sure I could let them crawl on me, though.
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~ Pastor Tim