icecreamtruckOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Last week I shared a riddle I've been experiencing in life and Roger B. replied and shared a great laugh I had never heard before.  As a reminder, here is my riddle. After that, the Joke that Roger sent, which gave me a wonderful laugh to start the day!

Pastor Tim's Riddle:

Q: "Do you know the difference between pastoring a small church and being self-employed?"

A: "When you are self-employed you don't wonder why you have to do everything!"

Roger B.'s Joke:

A pastor in Central Illinois went to the railroad depot everyday to watch the express train go by.

People from his church noticed this and we're concerned about him.

Finally the head of the church board approached him and said. "Pastor, is everything okay? We're concerned about you watching that train everyday."

"I'm fine!" replied the pastor, "I just like to see something move that I don't have to push."

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim