Sunday greetings everyone!

There was an interesting phenomena in the sky last night. I'm not talking about the lunar eclipse (which we did not see here at Cybersalt World Headquarters) nor am I talking the beautiful full moon that graced our clear skies all night. I am talking about the metallic smell I noticed when I opened our bedroom window as we went to bed.

As I have undoubtedly mentioned before, we live approximately 16 miles across the Salish sea from the USA. Each year, on July the 4th, we can see the celebratory fireworks up and down the coast line of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Last night, after all the lights and booms were over and the smoke had cleared the over there, it made over to us. The night sky often holds surprises.

As providence would have it, I watched this video last night about a feature of the sky I knew nothing about! For all the complaining that some do about how bad the internet is, I must say I think there is a whole bunch that is great about it; learning of the existence things like this being one of them. And, of course, connecting with you is another one!

This week, Rev. James Snyder and his wife both agree about the desirability of television being in Heaven.. You can read "Will There Be Television in Heaven?" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim