Sunday greetings, everyone!

vacation TeslaOn our recent trip, I only rented Tesla's for getting around. I did this because I wanted to learn more about them and what owning an electric car would be like, including the lifestyle of having to charge it instead of gassing up along the way. And, I also was attracted to give an EV a longer time test because they have become so polarized and politicized in our current culture. I have to chuckle at how many people might have judged me one way or another for "owning" a Tesla!

Even though there was a learning curve, I really enjoyed the Tesla (it was a model 3) and if I had the money I would buy one today. I enjoyed the tech, the quiet running and the acceleration. It is honestly the fastest accelerating car I have ever driven - and remember I have raced on the local speedway! That said, I also enjoyed setting the auto driving to the speed limit and enjoy many relaxed drives through the country sides we were travelling. As my age goes up, the price of electric cars is going to go down, so maybe someday I will be able to afford one and still be allowed to drive it, lol.

In an ironic twist, when we returned home and got in our 2007 Chevy Impala in the long term parking lot at the Victoria Airport, we discovered the battery was dead. After 2 weeks of driving an electric car, we had returned to a "no electric" car.

Today's video share is of an incredibly talented, polite, and obviously well raised child.
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~ Pastor Tim