Tim and Dad with 1973 Plymouth DusterSunday greetings everyone!

Last week I shared a picture of a very young me with my very young dad (though at the time I did not know he was young too) and invited you to guess the make and model of the car we were sitting in. Thanks to everyone who guessed. Nobody got it right and I think the most disappointed guesser will be subscriber Greg C. who suggested a 1965-66 Ford Mustang Fastback. As you can see from this week's picture, that car was a 1973 Plymouth Duster. For nostalgia's sake, I'd love to have that Duster today. For fun, I'd take the Mustang Fastback!

For those of you who have followed Rev. James Snyder for a long time, you will not be surprised to know that Apple Fritters have been part of another episode in his life and marriage. You can read "The Parsonage Kitchen Shutdown Threat" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim