Sunday greetings everyone! Today's mailing is going out late because of  . . . . sleep. I chose sleep instead of finishing it up.

You know, like most people I often feel pretty smart because there are some things I'm pretty smart about. But there is so much to be smart about in the world and it only takes someone with different smarts to remind me that in the grand scheme of things I'm not unusually smart. Lol, don't feel bad for me because the same is true for you too!

One of my friends that is "different smart" is Dr. Rick August. Rick has a PHD in traffic safety: his dissertation was on the transition from horse and buggy to automobiles in Australia. OK, I realize at first thought some of you may be thinking "Traffic Nerd Alert" but that's where the whole "there's lots to be smart about" thing kicks in. Over the years Rick and I have been working on his YouTube channel and business of teaching people to drive and there have been many times he has blown me away with his intelligence and insight into all things driver training. Which brings me to today's video.

Rick asked me to share a video with you and a link to a petition ( because, due to COVID-19, if some governments don't change their approach to licensing new drivers some of our kids and grandkids, not to mention other adults looking to survive economically by getting driving jobs, are going to have to wait years to be tested. I know the topic is a bit different for a Sunday, but when a friend wakes you up late at night to loan you bread because he has had company arrive, you get up and give him bread! BTW, my friend is living in quite a bit of pain these days and waiting for back surgery to correct it. If you are a person who prays, please pray for him.

This week, Rev. James Snyder gets caught practicing poor listening and tries to get out of it by speaking to his wife before thinking. You can read "My Thoughts Are Worth More Than a Penny" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim