Please note that I originally wrote this last week (June 30th) but the Cybersalt Digest did not go out due to technical problems (technically, I made a mistake again!)

Sunday greetings, everyone!

lifetime warrantees for carA happy heavenly birthday to my sister, Melissa. I don't think birthdays are celebrated in Heaven where there is no earthly time. In the light of eternity, what sense would there be in celebrating turning one million years old? Of course, we will still be celebrating Jesus who died for our sins so we could live that long!

Just the same, it brings comfort to my heart to pause and wish my sister a happy heavenly birthday. It is a reminder that she is more than OK. Her suffering, which was tied to having a physical body and the passing of time, is over and even though I miss her greatly, another coming of her birthday is an opportunity for me to remember, to be comforted, and to be grateful to God.

Today's video share is about a woman who keeps her car running on a bunch of lifetime warrantees. Apparently it's a good strategy if you live a long life and want to keep driving the same car!
Click here to watch.

~ Pastor Tim