Sunday greetings everyone!

kindnessIf the saying, "The best things in life are free" is true, kindness has to be one of the best things in life.

It costs nothing to be kind to someone. Gentle words of encouragement or appreciation come at the same zero price as not correcting or chastising someone who clearly knows they made a mistake. Going over to talk to a person who is desperately alone in a crowd, or listening to another person's story and then not telling the better one that happened to you, cannot be bought.

The burdens lifted, hope restored, loneliness chased away, and self-worth felt because of such acts, and many more like them, is unmeasurable - especially when you stop to consider that those results may occur simultaneously in the giver and receiver, with unpredictable, ongoing results for both.

That said, there is also be a great price to being kind. The sheer act of trying to see life through another's eyes requires a challenging self-emptying and vanquishing of all the conditions that stand in the way of our being and acting unconditionally toward others. And if we are successful in that, we may then have to invest further creativity, time, money, and energy, into following through because of what we have seen, lest we turn away and end up being unkind.

This is why kindness is also dangerous, because to pursue it guarantees we are going to be changed one way or the other.

Today's video share is of an act that is all of the above and took many kind people to pull off.

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Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim