Sunday Greetings everyone.

Top Countries by Military SpendingIn the Cybersalt News last Sunday (which actually went out on Thursday) I mentioned I had been to the chiropractor to get a rib put back in place.  All together I have been 4 times with no relief, which is surprising because he is usually very successful at treating the aches I bring him.

I wasn't sure how I hurt myself. There are so many possibilities now that I have reached the age where I can hurt myself "sleeping wrong." But, a couple of days ago, while pondering going for a walk to see if that would help my back, I remembered I fell on a hill while taking a shortcut on the last walk I had taken. I slipped on some loose dirt coming down a hill in a construction site, fell backwards and slid for a bit on my back. Then it dawned on me that that's how I must have hurt my back and that I had probably bruised some ribs! Dr. Google tells me I should feel better in 4-6 weeks.

Thankfully, it mostly only hurts when I stand and I am still able to sleep fairly comfortably at night. Knowing the cause of the pain has made it somewhat more bearable. So has having an idea of the time frame for when I will be better. It's a reminder to me that when I am out and about, I must remember to take care of the slowly aging man who accompanies me everywhere, lol.

Today's video share is of a race that has a lot of competitors, but it is also a race that nobody can really win because it will never be over until the Prince of Peace rules them all.
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~ Pastor Tim