MagnetSunday greetings everyone and Happy Palm Sunday!

When I was pastoring local churches, many times I said, "If people listened to their doctor like they listened to their pastor, they'd be dead." Now, when I watch the nightly news, I see I was not wrong.

I find it quite remarkable that so many of the same people who would allow their doctor to cut them open while they sleep naked under a bright light are so quick so self-doctor themselves to avoid cramping their lifestyle.

I feel the same way about nurses. We trust them to change the bags of different liquids dripping into our veins, swap out the dressings on our infected wounds, and stick needles in us to inject/draw whatever needs to be injected or drawn. But when they tell the world the harsh reality about how hard their job is right now and ask for some help to keep patient numbers down, many ignore them altogether - even calling them heroes while they do it.

Today is Palm Sunday, a day when we recall the parade that broke out when Jesus entered into Jerusalem. Days later there were cries for a murderer to be released and Jesus to be crucified. I am quite sure the crowds at both events we very different - but I cannot help but leave room for the possibility that there was some overlap in the participants.

The world is full of contradictions that siren us away from the response of selflessness and self-sacrifice that the truth demands.

Speaking of doctors and nurses, this week's video share is of a patient resisting going under anaesthetic. I don't which is funnier - his efforts or the laughter of his friend who is filming him! I actually tried to fight off going under just before a surgery I had in my teens. At the last moment I lifted my head. The last thing I remember was the sound (not the feeling) of it banging down on the metal operating table.

Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim