Singing GirlOh look, Chicken Thursday!

I had to go for some bloodwork and an x-ray on my foot yesterday afternoon and hoped to squeeze in a haircut afterwards - if there was time. I had blocked out two hours to hopefully get the medical stuff done, which would involve lining up in two different places in the same building. I suspected that it was going to be more like two and a half hours and I was ready to miss out on my haircut.

When I got to the x-ray department I was pleased to discover that there was only one person ahead of me. Ten minutes later my feet, tanned and tingling from the radiation, were taking me upstairs to get the other test done.

When I walked into the lab I was amazed to see 5 staff members sitting and hanging out amongst themselves in the reception area. There was nobody waiting. Just like that time Grandma Cybersalt was looking for someone to marry, I was number one! Ten minutes later I was on my way to the barbershop.

It got even better after that! When I pulled my shaggy self up to the barbershop, there was my barber, sitting reclined in his chair waiting for someone to show up. Once again, just like that time I was in a police lineup, I was number one!

So, all in all my afternon outing was pretty much obstacle free!

Speaking of obstacles, today's fun video share (there are actually 2 videos) shows some quirrels that are so nuts for nuts they won't let any obstacle stand in their way.

Squirrels for Nuts - video one
Squirrels for Nuts - video two

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim