Sunday Greetings everyone and Happy Mother's Day to everyone who are able to celebrate this day!

Sting RussiansOf course, for many this is a difficult day and if that is true of you may God's grace and comfort find you today. Today I am thinking a lot of my mother who is facing the first mother's day since my sister passed away and so there is some sadness in me knowing that it will be a hard day for her.

There was no mailing on Wednesday because it was the last night of our eldest daughter's two week visit with us. By the time we had enjoyed the evening together, and realized it was time to line up a mailing, grandma Cybersalt and I were too tired to do it!

Today's video is one I lined up to share a couple of times but it kept getting put back for one reason or another. But seeing that this is Mother's Day the topic and sentiment make today a good day to share it
Click here to watch the video

Here is the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim