Sunday greetings everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to all who are able to celebrate today.

spirit code by harold mcnabbLast week I mentioned that my good friend, Dr. Harold McNabb had published a book, entitled "Spirit Code."

Now, I suppose one would expect me to say it's a really good book because Harold is my friend. But let me tell you, it really is a good book! So far I have read almost half of it and am really enjoying it. I'm not a big reader, but I bought a copy in order to be supportive as any good friend should be. And of course I have to actually read it because eventually Harold is going to ask me what I thought of it. Harold knows me well, so saying, "My favorite part was when the guy did that thing and it looked like it wasn't going to work but then that surprising twist happened that nobody could have seen coming" would not work on him.

The book is so good that as I read it I keep forgetting I know who wrote it! I can hardly wait for Harold to ask me what I think of the book so I can tell him that! Lol, that's the kind of friends we are!

You can order a digital version of the book through this link:

Today's video share is an inspiring one that reminded me to not complain about the little things that bug me.

Click here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim