Cybersalt's Black Friday Sale SquareUpon the excellent suggestion of subscriber J. Blasdale, I will break with tradition and greet you today with:

Oh look, Turkey Thursday!

Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to our US subscribers! Now, I find it interesting that J. Blasdale suggested that because in his email to me he described himself as a Brit who has lived in New Jersey for 33 years. I think the "Brit" part has been fading over time because he also asked if we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. Of course we do, only we do it on the second Monday of October - perhaps because our harvest is earlier or maybe we're just so thankful that we can't wait until the end of November to let our thankfulness out!

In recent years, Canadians have increasingly been thankful for the arrival of American Thanksgiving because it means one more day before we can celebrate Black Friday together with them. So, in keeping with that theme, I'm happy to announce that Cybersalt is having a Thanksgiving 25% sale on all our web hosting packages. Between now and Monday, use the code "thanksgiving25" and you'll receive 25% off of your web hosting order at

Also, if you are looking for something beyond web hosting (ie. a website being built, remote support or training on your computer, training videos for your staff, narration of a project, or something else I may help you with) email me this weekend at [email protected] and I'll give you the same 25% discount.

Finally, even though I have retired from the church I was pastoring, my Thanksgiving sermons are still on the church website. Sure they're all Canadian Thanksgiving sermons, but if you ignore all the times I say, "Eh!" there is still plenty of meat on the bone!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim