chicken thursday August 13Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

I did it! I dealt with or managed every single email I received in the month of September. Between my business emails and personal emails there were over 350 different email threads, a thread being a singular line of discussion.

Last January I spent 3 days with my friend in Jersey on the way back from a forum I was invited to in Spain. While staying with him I noticed that he had zero emails in his inbox. That inspired me to strive for a zero inbox too. September was the first month I was able to pull it off.

I still have the goal of a zero inbox for the year so I will keep you posted on my progress. I also have a new organizational goal for October, but apparently saying what you are going to do sometimes tricks the mind into thinking it is already done it, making it harder to achieve a goal. So, I will tell you later if/when I reach that goal.

Oh yeah, I also have a "Chicken Thursday Surprise" for you next week thanks to one of those emails I received from Cybersaltine D. McCordic!

For now, enjoy the rest of today's mailing! 

~ Pastor Tim