Another Chicken PictureOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Cybersaltine J.J. Westberg is this week's winner of the "Spot Pastor Tim's Grammar Mistake" contest. Last week, I said I was "to" lazy for heating our home with wood, when I really meant I was "too" lazy. I do know the difference and I suspect it was just a typo, but it raises a fun dilemma we can all ponder.

In the English language we use "two, to, and too" at different times. This reality forms the conundrum which is the sentence that can be said, but not written: "There are 3 *twos*" in the English language. (I've used "two" there but that can't be the right use, and neither would the others.)

I think I have actually found a way to express the intent of that sentence. It came to me when I was playing a table game with Grandma Cybersalt yesterday. But I want to give you all a chance come up with a way to write out a sentence that solves (or works around) the problem. If you have an idea, just reply to this mailing and I will get it.

Today's video share is a reminder that sometimes you just need some explosive, brute force to finish a job properly. I can hardly wait for video of the Christmas tree they are going to hang this on!

 Click here to watch the video.

~ Pastor Tim