jupiterSunday greetings everyone!

Thank you to Brian P. who alerted me to the source of the final item in last Chicken Thursday's "Homilies to Live By." It is originally from the 'Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' series by Douglas Adams.

It's no secret that I enjoy seeing pictures of things in space. This week my video share is a NASA photo compilation of a flyby (I checked and it's not a bee-by) of Jupiter.

I recently learned that a day lasts 9 hours and 56 minutes on Jupiter. That means that with a circumference of 439,264 km, the outer "edge" of this gas giant is going at 44,221 kilometers per hour or 27,477 miles per hour! Of course, these are all my own rough calculations. Also, having never been there I had to calculate using information provided online. 

I am sure you won't be surprised to hear that my favorite thing about Jupiter is that it features has a huge storm in my favourite colour!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim