Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Last week I said I'd have a surprise for you this week and since it is now this week here it is!

Cybersaltine D. McCordic recently emailed me a fun chicken themed cartoon and I thought it would be a great share on some Chicken Thursday. However, the cartoon was copyrighted. This would not stop some people from using it, but it's important to me to keep Cybersalt totally legal and above board (plus I have been told I have delicate features and would not do well in prison.)

Accordingly, I reached out to the cartoonist, Dave Coverly of the cartoon strip "Speed Bump," told him the story of Chicken Thursday and asked if I could use the cartoon in a future mailing. He graciously said, "Yes" and waived the regular usage fee!

So let's show him some love as a thank-you for joining in on our Chicken Thursday fun. Here are some links I selected to check out more about him and his work:

The SpeedBump Websitehttps://www.speedbump.com/

Who is Dave Coverly?https://www.speedbump.com/about-1

Are you a cat person?https://www.speedbump.com/#/cats/

Are you a dog person?https://www.speedbump.com/#/weite/

Chicken Thursday Speed Bump Coffee Doodle Doo Cartoon

For now, enjoy the rest of today's mailing! 

~ Pastor Tim