flamingos feeding under waterSunday greetings everyone!

Today's video share is an example of how the perspective from which you look at something can really change your . . . . . . perspective on it.

Above water, Flamingos are beautiful. But under the water, they look and eat like a child's playtime vacuum or a dream you might have when you are fevered. I was pretty surprised to see what is really going on under there.

Now, ponder this for a minute. Imagine you had only ever experienced flamingos from the underwater perspective and then saw video of them above water for the first time. You'd probably be amazed that they were so graceful.

This is a reminder to me that I can experience other people or cultures over and over in a way that reinforces my limited perspective on them, while missing whole other truths and realities about them as a whole.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim