Oh Look Chicken Thursday!

I just noticed that the subject of last Sunday's mailing was [Cybersalt Digest] Issue #48500. Even Walter M. did not catch that one - or maybe he did and I just haven't read his email about it yet, lol.

I have always wanted to maintain a clean desk (even though some think it is a sign of a sick mind.) I am happy to report that my desk has been pretty tidy for weeks now. However, my goal of having a zero-inbox for my emails is getting farther and farther away! I wish my desk would share the secret to its success with discipline with my gmail account. Although, maybe it has already but it is lost amongst my other emails!

flying highToday's video share is of a plane that is constantly flying as it flies higher and higher and higher!
Click Here to watch the video.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim