Anyone who knows me just a little knows that I like electronic gadgets and toys.  Whether the newest computer peripheral, the latest digital media hardware, or the most recently increased-in-size memory card, I enjoy pondering how my life can be more complicated simplified by owning it some day.  So even I was surprised the other day when I heard of a new tech toy that I definitely did not want.  Apparently it is now possible to buy a data screen to install in your steering wheel so you can watch TV when stuck in traffic.  It fits nicely in the space left after you remove your airbag. 

As I see it, such a contraption will lead to two things.  First of all there will be confusion.  In the process of a serious accident drivers will be confused as to whether it's their lives flashing before their eyes or just a rerun of Seinfeld.  The second result will be renewed debate regarding  whether natural selection is true or not as stupid people remove themselves from the gene pool due to high-speed accidents caused by their choking up during the reveal segment of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

The concept behind the steering wheel TV is not new.  People have been choosing self-gratification over safety for a long time.  In Numbers 11, the recently freed Israelites wanted to return to Egyptian food and slavery because they were tired of eating bread in the wilderness.  Achan (Joshua 6&7) chose a beautiful robe, silver, and gold instead of obedience to God that would have brought security to Israel in their promise land endeavors.  In Acts 5, a husband and wife (Ananias and Sapphira) choose the accolades of church people over the protection of pleasing God with true worship when they publicly claimed a much bigger offering than they were actually giving.

What about you?  What's in the middle of your steering wheel as you navigate life?  Are the pages of this month's Sports Illustrated or Vogue magazine more dog-eared than the Bible you've had for 10 years?  When you go to church are you more dressed on the outside to impress church members than you are prepared in heart to worship God with your spirit?  Are you keener to listen to the farsical teachings of some bouncy, windy, hobbyhorse riding TV preacher than to make the effort to attend Bible study at your church or small group?

Don't let your spiritual life turn off course because of a misplaced affection for entertainment over safety.

Pastor Tim Davis, Copyright 2005
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Rev James Snyder videoPastor Tim has retired from pastoring local churches and is now working alongside his wife to help refugees and persecuted Christians.

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