This November I am turning 36. That means I was born in 1965. According to many that also means that my generation has had no defining moment.

I disagree.

We may have had no Pearl Harbor, but we did have a defining moment. In fact, our defining moment was quite a long one: the cold war. As children we grew up under the constant reminder of sudden calamity falling from the skies to be followed by the arrival of a very long nuclear winter. And so we are already well defined for the pins and needles we are once again experiencing in anticipation of further acts of terrorism following September 11.

However, we are not used to having an enemy to go after in defense of ourselves. Because of that, I am asking those of you who have had such an enemy, to pray for my generation. You went to war and now we must do the same. Pray that we can repeat your acts of battlefield bravery, and persistent home front resistance.

We have entered a time that will challenge, mold, and shape us in such a way that if we respond successfully future generations will not understand us - just as many from my generation have, in the past, not understood you. Pray that we might also have the grace to be misunderstood and under appreciated by the very ones we sacrifice to give the gift of peace to.

And one more thing; on behalf of my generation, thank you for doing what we see we must now do. When evil interrupted your life you responded with zeal, vigor, and force to beat it down and back so that future generations could live in peace and safety as you once had. We have always known what it took for you to win victory, but now that we have been handed an estimate for the cost of peace for our children, more than ever we are able to appreciate the price you paid for us.

From one generation to another, thank you.

Rev James Snyder videoPastor Tim has retired from pastoring local churches and is now working alongside his wife to help refugees and persecuted Christians.

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