Pictures of geeseWhile my wife was out running some errands today, a guy phoned our house about the geese we have for sale. I told him we didn't have any geese for sale.

He told me the number he had dialed.  I told him that was our phone number but that we did not have any geese for sale.

He said there were three ads online with geese for sale - each with our phone number on them. I said, "Really!" as my mind wondered how that could happen because I was positive we didn't have any geese for sale.

Then he mentioned something about his sone being in karate. That's when I remembered Susan is trying to sell our son's old karate outfits which, of course, are "gis" - the plural of "gi" (pronounced with a hard "g" and an "ee"). 

When she arrived home I checked to make sure we aren't selling an afghans - just in case.

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