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A Bible Psalm for Skydivers

The parable of the sower and seeds was first taught by Jesus 2000+ years ago. This message of seeds needing good soil to grow worked then, and still works today.

Of course being a cartoonist I found a number of other locations where seeds might fall. 


In a beer at Happy Hour       In a dark room                  on a hard head

seeds brew  seeds darkness  seeds hardhead


another hard head..            in a toilet?..                      on a tv..

seedhead  seeds toilet  seeds tv


in the garbage..                  in more adult beverages..   on the highway..

seeds trash  seedy drinks  seeds hwy

in a snow bank..                 and in seedy characters

seedsindasnow  seedycharacters



A cartoon featuring Mister MaGoo to illustrate being spiritually nearsighted

refs and hotmoms


This article page features a cartoon illustration of Song of Solomon for Referees



This article page features Song of Solomon 2:9 paraphrased with a nightmare vision


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