More Funny Pictures

  • cat decatinated coffee


    Most people prefer their coffeedecatinated.
  • Dog Note

    ". . . so that's about all the news from home. Please tell Rex we miss him and that the…
  • Funny Pictures of Computerized Casket

    Computer Casket

    Somebody is planning to take it with them.
  • Funny Pictures of Happy and Smiling Pig

    Happy Pigs

    Surveys show that 1 out of 2 pigs enjoy the Cybersalt Site.
  • signbadsign

    Bad Sign

    Honey, I've got a bad feeling about this trip.


These are some of our favorite cartoons.


This article page cartoon features a softball umpire dusting off home plate in full accordance with Jesus bible teaching found in Matthew 10:14

butwevoted mn


This article page is a cartoon sharing God's timeless truth regarding gay marriage

This article page features a cartoon of juggling life with foolish risks as taught in Proverbs 12:15

moses getout


This article page features a bible cartoon from Exodus 12:14-51 retelling Pharaoh's hardened heart finally giving in to Moes telling him GET OUT



This article page features the bible story of Exodus where Moses warms up parting water in a fish bowl before parting the Red Sea


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