More Funny Pictures

  • Cat Drinks from Glass instead of Bowl

    Cat Cup

    When a cat wants it that waya cat wants it that way. (It's definitely different from this…
  • Funny Pictures of Baby With Long Legs

    Basketball Legs

    Jimmy has a future in basketball. His mom is still recovering from labor.
  • Funny Pictures of Smoking Cat With Huge Ears

    Cat Cool

    George's attempt to look cool came at great cost to his health.
  • Weird Motorcycle Stunts pictures

    Board Meetings

    Pastor Tim's board meetings are a little eccentric.
  • sign visit church

    Time to Visit

    Apparently the sign guy is not a fan of the pastor.


Nature, dogs, and many husbands abhor a vacuum. But, it seems that spinning tops love them.

We like watching dominoes falling as much as most average people, but this tripal spiral of 15,000 dominoes sure dialed our enjoyment up a notch!

The guy at the end sums it up the best, "It's fun to knock those bigs rocks down; it's very fun."

Here is a fun and inspiring look at our home, planet earth, from 1 million miles away.

Whether or not you like Victorian candy, I think you'll like this video of Victorian Candy being made.

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