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  • Funny Pictures of Cow Tongue and Dog

    Dog Tongue

    What's the matter - Dog got your tongue?
  • Funny Pictures of Hidden Entrance Sign.

    Hidden Entrance

    After you are in, please follow the signs to the secret exit.
  • Swine Flu Panic on the Increase

    Swine Flu Panic

    Swine flu panic is on the increase.
  • Funny Pictures of Upside Down Bus

    Bus Hot Rod

    Taxpayers were not happy with how trustees were spending the education budget.
  • computersolution

    Computer Solution

    The One Size Fits All Computer Problems Solution


Apparently, if you want to surprise a kid with a trip to the circus, there are better ways than telling him you are going to a broccoli farm.

I don't know about you, but I get a warm feeling when I see trains plowing through cold snow.

These applicants are shocked to find out the job they are applying for is a real mother.

Sometimes being a mother is a dish best served cold after 29 years.

 Here is a fun reminder to Christians to not assume everyone understands the lingo of the Christian subculture.

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