Are you allergic to cats?  You don't have to worry about this one - unless of course you have virtual allergies.


Do you have an important dispute to settle or decision to make?  Who get's the last chicken leg?  Who's turn is it to wash the cow? Should I go on the Springer show to find out the secret my barber wants to tell me?

Better flip a coin.  Help yourself below.



Your boss doesn't want you taking time away from your desk to play in the mail room with all the packing supplies, so here's your chance to do so at your desk.  Of course, if you are home right now this will be an even greater guilt free pleasure.

Bubble wrap.  You know you want to pop them. Don't forget to try maniac mode!


Your boss really won't mind if you try playing these songs.  Really! Just in case, though, you might want to have your resume ready in order to look for a new job.


Have you ever been accused of of having a head made of wood?  Maybe it was just your profile that gave that impression.



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