Every now and then someone comes along who has a love for appliances.  Take the MayTag repairman - he had it bad. I'm not trying to explain it or excuse it - I'm just reporting it!

And so, all you Westinghouse, Amana, and Sears home appliance aficionados, I give you the toaster museum.


We've all heard of having a cat nap.  If only we could all be this relaxed when we sneak one in.

I guess a pet that is this happy doesn't care if you spend a lot of money on pet supplies at the local pet store. 


legotim For those of you who are wondering what I, Pastor Tim, look like - here I am on the left. As you can tell, I've had quite a bit of plastic surgery.

If you'd like to undergo the same plastic process, use the controls below. 




Guns don't kill lawn mowers.  People with guns (and too much time on their hands) kill lawn mowers.



You aren't parasite infested - You've just got company!   With spin like this, there'll be a new political party soon!



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