Remember that look you would get whenever whoever raised you saw you misbehave in a crowded room?  You know, the hairy eyeball!  It may have looked like the eyes below.

Have some fun watching them catch their lashes and see what happens when you poke them with a good click.  Don't spend to much time doing this at work or you may end up looking for a new job. 




I have not always had the best balance.  This wasn't a problem when I was young because everyone expects you to fall when your age is in the single digits.  But now that I am in my 5th decade . . . well let's just say I'm glad to have a good health plan and people to help pick me up.  When it comes to getting older, as they say, it takes two to tango.

Apparently, as you will see below, it takes three to dance on an elastic band.

Take some time to have fun with this one. Try clicking on and moving the various characters and seeing the different effects you can achive with the poor girl on the wire. You can even slingshot her into the air! 


Do you remember those ink blot sheets the district school nurse always showed you when you were suspended from school for being so disruptive in class?  No?  Maybe that was just me - but then I digress.

Here's a way to have fun making your own fun ink blots and seeing what you see. If you keep seeing power tools from Home Depot or Rona you may have home improvements on the mind.  If all you see are animals out in the wild, then maybe you should take an exotic vacation to Africa or South America. If you see both power tools and wild animals - you might like to spend some time talking with the district nurse.

To start, just drag your mouse down a bit and blot away! 




Do you know anyone who constantly stereotypes other people?  I do too.  People who stereotype others are all the same!

Well, someone has been doing some stereotyping and they are often surprisingly accurate - though keep in mind that this game is just for fun.  So don't go out and get a new job just because the "pink" brain told you you don't like limits in life.


With a little imagination, a camera, some photo editing software (like Picasa), and too much time on your hands - you too can create a transparent image for your computer screen.

In fact, why not make one for your boss' computer?  After all, the worst thing that can happen is you'll have to type up your resume and look for a new job where they appreciate your artistic abilities.



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