Here's a game that guarantees there won't be a dry eye in the house.  It's just too bad that Sally has such freaky eyes - although that might be part of her strategy. 

If she keeps staring like that she's going to need glasses, contact lenses, or lazik eye surgery.

Oh James!  Get me my slippers.  James.  James?  Man, good help is hard to find. 

I can hardly wait for the day when robots help out around the house and work.  Maybe they'll be like the Ballbot featured below.  I can see it now!  What an entrance I could make at the local ministerial when I show up with one of those carrying my lunch and Bible for me.

That will put those smart alecs with the wifi phones in their place (right MarkWink)!

Be sure to check out the end links to the two videos of this robotic wonder in motion. 

There are few things more beautiful than a favorite paper stapler.  Ok there are a lot of things more beautiful than a favorite stapler or any other kind of office equipment (though to be honest sometimes I do feel lonely for a nice paper shredder).

These people love their staplers.  They even have stapler poetry.



Here's a fun site that gives you insight and knowledge into the physics behind amusement parks.

When I was young(er) and in high school, I didn't really see how important physics was to everyday life. This might be part of the reason that the test roller coaster that I designed on this site was actually a thrilling ride - that is right up to the part where it would leave the track and plunge into the ground like a giant lawn dart. 



That guy who like the Remmington Electric Razor Company so much that he bought it never took part in this contest!

I'll admit that when I had a beard there was the odd time that I found something in it - mostly a crumb of food or something like that. But I wouldn't be surprised if these guys find small pets or even hikers some day.

I suppose that having something like that drop out of your beard would pretty much guarantee a win at the World Beard and Moustache Championships.



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