People in straw houses shouldn't throw pitch forks - especially at firemen.

In a world where modern building construction methods involve using new space age materials, here's how to build a new house with a very old material.

As my grade 8 teacher used to tell us, "Hey is for horses!"  Well Mr. Liger, these people say "Hay is for houses!"



Somebody has way too much time on their hands - a problem solved by time management software or a good high speed internet connection I suppose.

I suggest you pick a ball, any ball, and try to follow it through the machine. That will definitely cure your problem of having too much time too.



Save time by folding your t-shirts quickly like this.

You don't need to speak the language to figure out the technique used in this video.

This is not a political statement!  I looked all over for another version of this and the only one I found was not suitable for this site.  So really, this is not a political statement - don't e-mail your complaints to me. In fact, if you know how to put my head on this body, e-mail me and I'll take the fall for the President.

For now, just have fun by helping George get unstuck by clicking on his various appendages - guiding him along on his rag doll patterns. And as alway's if you are at work don't play too long or you may be looking for another job!

This one has me rethinking my trip to the moon. After all, who wants to vacation somewhere you can get hit by a meteorite?

Of course, it seems that NASA has the moon covered with their high power telescopes so at least they could let your family know you're return is going to be delayed.




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