Remember having a kaleidoscope as a kid? Now you can make your own online.
If you are at work don't get hooked or you may end up looking for a new job!
Update:  The creator of the kaleidoscope I had featured here contacted me and asked me to remove it from my site.
It's still pretty cool and you can find it on his site at:

Household chores can sure take a lot of time. Appliances like washers and dryers, stoves, ovens, and microwaves can save time, but unfortunately no one has invented a laundry folder yet. Until they do, here's a really cool household tip for saving time folding shirts by hand.

You don't need to speak the language to figure out the technique used in this video.


Cybersalt's online support voicemail is handled by Skype and the wonderful program SkyLook.

Skylook marries Skype and Microsoft Outlook - providing an answering machine for Skype AND the opportunity to record online meetings and conversations in MP3 format.

You don't need Microsoft Outlook or Skylook to leave a message on the Cybersalt Voicemail, but you do need to use Skype.  However, don't despair as Skype is totally free, user friendly software that you can use for computer to computer calls over the net. AND, if you want to use it to call land-line phones from your computer, you can buy a phone card for that too (the rates are great). Remember, computer to computer calls (like your call to the Cybersalt Voicemail) are always free.  You can download Skype by clicking on the banner below.

One more note about the Cybersalt Voicemail - if your need is urgent, it is better to drop us an e-mail as that get's quicker attention than voicemail.  But please do leave a voicemail with any questions or feedback you have about any of the Cybersalt sites or just feel free to just say "Hi" if you like.

BTW, your message may be included on one of the Cybersalt Sites for educational, inspirational, or entertainment purposes - so please make sure you are dressed well when you leave your message.




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