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I'm glad the engine in my van doesn't sound like this.

Another classic toy from your childhood - Lite Brite!


Here's a houseboat to rent if you want to be as happy as a duck in water on your next vacation.



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What do "A BEAGLES CRYPTS", "A CAR BY LEGS PEST", and "PASTAS BE CLERGY" have in common?  They are all anagrams of "CYBERSALT PAGES".

Don't get it? Ok, more examples - amongst my friends Mark Wagner is "RAN WARM KEG", Jeff Larson is "LENS OFF JAR" and apparently there is no anagram in Juan Ruiz.

What about you - what anagrams lay dormant within your name?  Check them out below.  But first a word of warning.  Some of you have letters in your name that may form some dirty words (anagramically speaking), so if you check your name and find a few of those please don't blame me.  Your parents should have checked this page before naming you!



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