When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  But what do you make when life gives you elephants and lots of elephant . . . . um . . . errr . . . well . . . . poo.  Apparently you make exotic paper.

I think the idea for this is pretty neat but I'm not sure I want to lick any envelopes that elephants initially licked and then worse.  I don't like my steak or my envelopes to taste gamey.  I suppose that one solution to that dilemma might be the self-adhering envelopes - I've seen plenty of those at staples, office depot, and other office supply chains.

And then there is the smell.  I pity the poor soldier who gets mail from his girl back home and holds it to his nose to smell her sweet perfume.  "Snifffffff . . . . . Oh, yeah, that's Becky writing me again."

This is a stationery product that cries out for a famous spokesman - "Hi.  Me Tarzan.  Other day me swing through trees and see pile of elephant dung.  That remind me that I no write Jane for long time. Thanks Exotic Papers!"