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If you are a reader looking for the latest blog entries, you will find them on our new blogging system.? Just click a'subcategory in the left hand column, under the section you clicked to open this window.? If you yourself would like to be able to be able to contribute your original writing and/or commentary in one of the blog areas, just follow the instructions included'down a bit on this page

If you are a blogger looking for your entries on the old system?- don't panic!? Your old posts are not gone.? You can still view them in the "Old Blog Entries" section which you will find just above your profile area when you are logged into this site.? You are more than welcome to transfer your old blog entries over to the new system.? Before you can do that, though, you must register a profile on the new system.?

Here is how you can get setup to write on the new blog area.

First of all, you need to register a profile on the new site.? To do so, click here.

Once you have submitted your registration, log-in to the new blogging system by clicking here.? Once logged in you will see an area where you can fill out more information about your profile.? Until I manually approve your new profile, you won't be able to post to any blogs (this is a safe guard against spammers).? But if you send me an e-mail (webmaster @ cybersalt.net) and tell me you have signed up, I will approve you quick like a bunny and then you will be all set to post.

I apologize for this disruption to the blogging area of the Cybersalt Shaker, but this new system will make blogging on the site much easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


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