My son is going to go for his driving test soon and, of course, one of the hardest parts of the test is going to be the parking.  I think that this fun game from the Peugeot Web Site (although after a while you may choose to change the adjective before "game") is one I should share with him after the test.

Years after my driver's education class experiences in High School and many years of safe driving (with a few unsafe moments squeezed in here and there) parking doesn't worry me anymore.  I'm older, wiser, and my insurance rates are great.  Yet, that doesn't mean that I'm not careful when parking.  I just don't have that mental block about it that I did when I desperately wanted my driver's license.

Parking (and by that I am referring to the placement of one's car in a parking spot) will always be something dreaded by teens - though I am open to the possibility that in another universe teens are more worried about driving in a straight line.

Such a place would be, of course, a parallel parking universe.  But I digress.