Here is a game (thanks to member Michael S. for pointing it out) that involves something that most pastors out there would love to add to their options when dealing with the sheep in their church.  I'm not going to name any names, but there have been times in counselling sessions where I would have liked the option to take out a tranquilizer blow dart gun and give someone the peace that is quite easily within understanding.

It's not that I think every behaviour problem in life can be managed with medication.  It's just that sometimes people don't listen and when you are trying to help them it's seems like it would be easier to just put them to sleep (for a while) and hope they wake up wiser.

Of course it takes skill and a good reaction time to dart someone during a counselling session.  If you are a little too slow during marriage counselling you might hit the wrong spouse and that is sure to only complicate the whole situation.

I suppose there are always stun guns.  But I digress.