I love the Swiss.  By staying netural in most of the the world's disputes they have been able to work a lot for peace.  This neutrality has also given them a lot of time to invent and develop really great stuff.  Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches, Swiss army knives, soldiers on bicycles, and the Alps are just a few of the wonderful addtions to the world the Swiss have brought us.

However, I fear some of the Swiss may have too much time on their hands.  To prove my point I give you "Sky Ear".   The premise - attach some cell phones to some helium balloons and let people call them so they can listen to the sky.  Oh yeah, I forgot that you also put LED lights on the phones.

I'll admit the images of this ear are pretty, but if I want to listen to the sky all I have to do is call anyone on my cell phone while I am at home.  The cell service is so bad here I mostly get air anyway.

And please don't get me wrong - I'm not looking down on the Swiss.  It just seems to me that "Sky Ear" shows that some of them have been neutral so long that they are beginning to coast.