I consider myself to be a fairly creative person.  My problem is that I often feel frustrated trying to express my creativity.  Sure, I'm very comfortable with humor and comedy, but when it comes to other art forms like painting, for instance, I'm stuck. 

Some might suggest that I get painting lessons and see what happens once I try to put oil to canvas or mix water colors on a pallet, but I'm just not interested in spending time on things that end up so different from what I am trying to do. "Why Tim, look at the beautiful dog you painted!"  "Um, it's a wave crashing on a rock."  "Oh never mind, you are still a beautiful person on the inside."

I think if I did try to paint, my mom would still be kind and pretend to like it.  Though to pretty much everyone else my art wouldn't be worth spit.  Unlike the guy in this video who's work is worth spit.