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  • Funny Jokes Picture of Dog In TuTu

    Dog Tutu

    I am so going to make a mess on your rug for doing this to me!
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  / Kitten Dumping Paint on Baby

    Cat Paint Dump

    Hey baby! Why you feelin' so blue?
  • Funny Pictures of Dodge Truck With Gas Hose

    Time To Get Out of Dodge

    It's time to get out of Dodge.
  • madcow

    Mad Cow Test

    Mad Cow Test (Controls for the sounds are below the pictures.) If your cow sounds like…
  • car plumber repair

    Plumber Repair

    Being married to a plumber isn't always the benefit one might think.

Jessie didn't mind the slow speed of his car, but he hated it when it backfired.

Funny Pictures of Horse Pulling Car Wagon

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