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  • Funny Pictures of Pencils in Secretary's Hair

    Pencils Hair

    Nobody could figure out how supplies were being smuggled out of the office.
  • Funny Pictures of Monkey with Glasses

    Monkey Principal

    Principal Kelly never understood why students giggled when he reprimanded them for monkey…
  • Funny Pictures of Street Sweeper Overloaded Truck

    Street Sweeper

    Hector was pretty impressed that his street sweeper could do sidewalks at the same time.
  • Funny Pictures of Can You Spot The Giraffe?

    Can You Spot The Giraffe?

    Can you spot the giraffe?
  • enough shopping

    Enough Shopping

    Oh mom, enough shopping! Thanks to Sarah Joy Visser for permission to use this picture!

It was very easy to see who lost at rock, paper, scissors.

Funny Pictures of Guy Hunting Bird Man In Costume

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