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  • Funny Dog Joke Picture of Dog Tricks

    Dog Trick

    You dumb dog. There's no mice in here.You said there were . . . . hey get your paw off…
  • Funny Pictures of Dog House Mansion

    Dog House

    His own house, in front of the cat's,was little consolation.
  • Funny Pictures of Dogs Trick or Treating

    Dog Trick or Treat

    Church members were shocked to see the pastor's dogs trick or treating.
  • Picture of funny elephant slide

    Elephant Slide 2

    Always look on the bright side of life.
  • A funny genetics pictures

    Genetics Explained

    Genetics explained simply.

Nasa's rover, Curiosity, has begun to send back pictures from Mars.  Here is the first one.

(They also found this on Mars)

first photo from Mars Curiosity rover

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