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  • Funny Pictures of Ford Pickup Truck with Paper Bumper

    Ford Pickup Bumper

    Paul quickly regretted going with the lowest quote.
  • Lion Flight

    "I'm not telling them they need tickets! You tell them."
  • A funny counselling picture

    Night Terrors

    Doctors were stumped about what was causing Kenny's night terrors.
  • Funny Pictures of Kid with Bad Hair Cut

    Barber Play

    Just say "No!" when your brother asks if you want to play barber shop.
  • Watch for Wildlife

    Beware of Wildlife

    Watch for wildlife - next 3 miles.

In order to settle an argument between the church naming committee and the community relations board the elders of the church decided it would be best to rename the church "Three Mile Baptist" and move the building one mile farther out of town.

Funny Pictures of Church Sign with Directions

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