More Funny Pictures

  • Funny picture of beater car

    Bigger Travel Allowance

    It's time to give pastor Bob a bigger travel allowance.
  • Funny Pictures of Family Picture With Frizzy Hair

    Static Family Picture

    The Andrews Photo Center had a static electricity problem in the posing room.
  • Funny Jokes Picture of Dog In TuTu

    Dog Tutu

    I am so going to make a mess on your rug for doing this to me!
  • Funny cat antlers picture

    Cat Antlers

    This magical pillow shows what pets really think of themselves.
  • dog christmas domi

    Christmas Domi

    Domi was so over the snowmen's attitudes.

My church's youth worker gave me a ride home after service on Sunday.  This was the shortened song title on her car stereo.

A funny song title in a church youth worker's car

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