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  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Drinking From Glass

    Cat No Drink

    Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
  • Funny Pictures of Metermaid Writing a Tickert for a Illegally Parked


    Shouldn't this ticket be written by a mermetermaid?
  • treepark

    Tree Park

    A parking ticket!?! But officer, I was only there 5 minutes while I ran inside - honest!
  • Opal The Cat Drinks from a Glass

    Opal's Paws to Drink

    This is Opal the cat. Opal's owner was an elderly lady who recently passed away, so Opal…
  • dog husky bath

    Husky Bath

    This husky really wants a bath!

It wasn't so much the competing that stirred controversy within the Amish community - it was that the paint scheme was blue instead of flat black.

Funny Pictures of Amish Buggy in Nascar Line-Up

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