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  • cowmap

    Where's Antarctica?

    Where's Antarctica? Udderneath.
  • makeupcomp

    Makeup Computer

    Jane's heavy use of makeup had become a distraction at work. (See Jane as a little girl…
  • Funny Pictures of of Crazy Farmer at Harvest

    Harvest Anxiety

    Harvest anxiety was starting to get to farmer Bill.
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  Playing Video Games

    Cat Gamer

    Jerry was changing his mind about his girlfriend's cat.
  • A funny picture of a zookeeper with his arm in an elephant.

    Elephant Arm

    The zookeeper soon realized the rookies neededdirections more specific than "Check the…

In hindsight, using a plane to pry the hood latch open was overkill.

Funny Pictures of Plane Hitting Truck

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