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  • Funny Pictures of 9.5 Speed Limit Sign

    Specific Speed Limit

    Hey buddy! I caught you going ten in a 9 and 1/2 zone. Where's the fire?
  • construction surreal

    Surreal Construction

    Bill and Jane soon eventually regretted hiring"Surreal Construction" to do their reno.
  • Funny Pictures of a soldier face down at inspection.

    Military Inspection Contact Lens

    Gord! Not now. We'll find your contact lens after inspection.
  • Cat Beg

    Lance's pets thought he was going to far with this "beg for your food" thing.
  • Funny Pictures of Police Cars on Blocks

    Police Blocks

    The town hall meeting about the crime wave was going well. Meanwhile, outside . . . . . .

Here's one way to prevent
riots on Black Friday.

reduced to clear

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