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    I think it is safe to say that the flock gave this year's model two wings down.
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    Whiskers junior had yet to learn that laughing at others could really hurt their feelings.
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    And then Frisky saw the new puppy.
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    And that's why they closed the farm next to the nuclear power plant.
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    Newsbreak: Kim Jung Cat retires too!

Are you stuck in a miserable job but your boss expects (perhaps demands) that you always smile at work? Here's a cheap, easy, and simple solution guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Step One:

Collect the following common office supplies from your work place.

2 paper clips and 2 elastics


Step Two:

Assemble those supplies in the following manner.

assembled apparatus


Step Three:

Apply assembled apparatus as it appears below.

Funny Pictures of Smile At Work Elastic & Paper Clip Apparatus

Now get on with your work day!



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